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"I may never see tomorrow, but this moment is my own

It's mine to use or cast aside; the choice is mine alone

I have just this precious moment in the sunlight of today

Where the dawning of tomorrow meets the dusk of yesterday."

~ Author Unknown


Though the author of these words is unknown, the words and their sentiment echo the thoughts that fill my heart each time I dream of a story, introduce a new character, or approach the keyboard.   So, welcome to my home on the web, a place to share thoughts, laughter, along with a few tears, and a lot of comforting and soulful sighs.


There comes a time in everyone's life when you just want to sit back,  get comfortable, read a good book, and just enjoy the great stories.   So take a minute and make yourself comfortable, because this is where I'll share all the news of my books, both old and new, and where I'll have the opportunity to link you with my friends and favorites.


Can't wait to share with you.




"Dream Keeper is filled with a personal drama that does not overtake the story. It is a simple, mature story about dreams, marriage vows, loss, and commitment. McFarland presents strong primary characters that pull the heart and a couple with the grit, and raw passion to fight to keep their love alive."

Raw Sistaz Reviews



"This lyrical and challenging story isn't the typical boy-meets-girl tale. The author takes you into the heads of her characters so that we learn their thoughts as their emotions change and grow. Their newfound love is beautifully written, and the extended family provides humor and support for this couple." 

Romantic Times



"McFarland's gift for believable characterizations, powerful drama, and shocking events will leave reader's hoping for more from this memorable author."

Winner of the WordWeaving Award of Excellence, October, 2002



“In this heartwarming story, Ms. McFarland gives a tantalizing glimpse of intimacy, romance and family that is truly irresistible.”

Romantic Times

BOOK OF THE YEAR -- Romance In Color, 1999



“An explosive novel of drama, suspense and unadulterated emotion, this book is saturated with breathtaking romance that sets the heart on fire. Ms. McFarland has written a compelling romance to rival any of the great keepers!”

Romantic Times




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